If you work shifts and find that you have difficulty sleeping and your poor sleep is affecting your quality of life, your mood and your health, you may suffer from what is called "Shift Work Sleep Disorder".

You may have symptoms of insomnia (difficulty falling asleep, early wakening, trouble staying asleep) or symptoms of sleep apnea (snoring, choking, gasping, stopping breathing during sleep) both of which can cause you to be tired all the time, affecting not only your ability to be productive at work but also your home life. Or you may have poor quality sleep (frequent wakenings, disrupted sleep due to family commitments) which just leaves you feeling exhausted.

If your family doctor thinks you would benefit from a sleep study in a sleep lab, and you work mainly night and evening shifts and sleep during the day, you may find it easier to do a day-time sleep study.

In our Hamilton laboratory, we run day time studies for evening and night shift workers on Fridays. Once we receive a referral from your doctor we would be in contact with you to schedule an appointment for the sleep study and get you started on keeping a detailed sleep diary for two weeks before the sleep study to help us to assess your sleep schedule.

Please see the For Patients SHIFT WORK SLEEP DISORDER section for information on the impact of shift work on sleep.