Our laboratories have the facilities to study patients who are participating in a medically supervised weight loss program, such as the Wharton group of clinics in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Patients who are being scheduled for bariatric surgery will be sent to a home care (CPAP) company for an overnight test to see how much oxygen is in the blood during sleep. This test is done at home while you sleep by clipping a small finger probe onto one finger and securing it in place with tape. It will be returned to the same CPAP company in the morning and the results sent to the sleep clinic for us to review.

In the case of a lack of oxygen in the blood during sleep, usually due to sleep apnea, you will be scheduled for a sleep study and consultation with a sleep physician to discuss options for treatment. If your oxygen deaturations (drops in oxygen) during the night are not severe then you will be booked to see a doctor who will assess if a sleep study is needed prior to surgery. If not, we will send a report to the pre-op clinic saying that you do not need a sleep study in order for the surgery to go ahead. You may be sent back to us after surgery for assessment.

If you have sleep apnea it will need to be controlled prior to undergoing surgery and you will be assessed for CPAP therapy. If you have a CPAP study or home CPAP trial you will be expected to take the machine with you to the hospital at the time of your surgery and use it in the recovery and post op period.