Patients who are enrolled in a bariatric surgery program or those involved in a medical weight loss program such as the Wharton Clinic, who are sent for assessment of sleep apnea will participate in a special program.

We have purchased new bariatric beds to accommodate patients who are in weight loss programs or pre-bariatric surgery. You will be brought in to our lab for overnight testing to diagnose sleep apnea. If treatment is required you will return for an overnight study with CPAP.

New state of the art CPAP equipment will be available from Medigas made by Respironics which will allow Medigas and The Sleep Disorders Clinic to monitor any changes required to CPAP pressures as weight is lost instead of having to wait until a retitration of CPAP can be performed.

This Respironics equipment will allow us to assess your changing pressure needs without a repeat CPAP study. New OHIP rules have made repeat CPAP studies for the purposes of changing CPAP pressures more complex for patients and for sleep laboratories. Being able to monitor patients from home will reduce inconvenience for patients as well as facilitating better and more comfortable CPAP treatment as weight changes occur.